Benefits of WicommFi WiFi USB Adapter


Nowadays, when we all are digitally connected, and using fast internet for work, play or entertain ourselves, for all these we require a stable and fast internet connection. Getting a fast, secure internet connection in your house is not just an only thing we require, it's important to get peace of mind for everyone in the house. If you have more users for internet in your house, you'll likely be looking for a faster connection.

Once it comes to surf the internet we all want the fastest streaming and surfing speed and to do so we need a good WiFi USB Adapter. Think about a situation when you are working on your important project at home and suddenly your internet drop out in the middle of your work, it's all because someone else at home is playing online game or watching movie on Netflix. Now this is the situation where your concentration is going too messed up completely and your work will suffer a lot. After getting trouble you will be seeking the help for resolving the slow internet condition, now think about the ideas you will apply to get fast connectivity. You will ask others to stop using internet or will move your computer and router to get fast wifi signals.

Well, all these suggestions are not that diligent to resolve your issue permanently as moving router to another place of the house is not possible every time. Meanwhile if the problem of slow internet is compounded because of slow computer, defected wifi card or any other reason, then you need some other way to get fast WiFi. So how you can get fast internet at home? There is a very simple solution for this problem, get a wireless USB Adapter or WiFi USB Adapter.

This device can resolve your existing slow connectivity issue. You can get easy to install wifi USB Adapter for your PC as market is full with several choices. Now the question comes in mind which one will match to my requirement or will become a best choice.

A best WiFi USB Adapter can give you the best remote location connectivity for your PC or Laptop. Most of the USB Adapters can allow the wide range of wireless connectivity so that you can access internet from anywhere. This device gives you the flexibility to work on your device while sitting even outdoor.

What is WiFi USB Adapter?

A WiFi USB Adapter is device which can be directly inserted into the USB port of your PC or Laptop and it will give fast wireless internet connectivity. A USB Adapter can remove the requirement of hardwire connectivity between computer to a router or any network device. The USB Adapter accepts WiFi signals from a router or other wireless device and transmits the signal to the end user who can access the Internet any time within the range of a WiFi hotspot or wireless network.

Best WiFi USB Adapter from WicommFi

This WiFi USB adapter comes with compatibility with both ports USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. This adapter is designed RTL8812AU Realtek chipset for gigabit wireless speed over your PC or laptop.

This device can provide maximum transmission rate of 1.2 Gbps (2.4GHz 300Mbps + 5.8GHz 900Mbps) which is three times higher than the traditional USB adapters. This usb adapter is enabled with 11AC WiFi and dual band technology which provides complete home coverage and fast speed which you will need for a fast connectivity.

Specification of WicommFi WiFi USB Adapter

  • Faster access with USB 3.0, compatible with USB 2.0
  • Get the Blazing speed up to 1200Mbps.
  • Built-in dual antennas to connect in every corner.
  • Easy to setup a secure wireless connection with Push 'N' WPS button.
  • Lag-free, multiple HD streams throughout your place and device
  • Comes 11 AC dual frequencies.
  • It Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit, 64-bit), Mac OS.
  • Compact and sleek design for convenient portability with a reliable high performance

Now with above specification resolve all your internet related issues for your PC and Laptop. While you are working or enjoying, you will be get connected and will experience the fastest signals. WicommFi WiFi USB Adapter is the best device to resolve you're day to day internet connectivity issues.